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Inception of GbrG Academy

My theory of Learn-Teach Cycle has reached to a level where I think I should open an Academy so that I could engage myself at larger level. And, then another chapter in my life begins.

I always feel that I had that spark within for Teaching. I even tested that spark by teaching few occasions whenever I got chance throughout the life I had so far. I think it’s time to push further and test this spark at larger level.


GbrG Academy is or will be going to spread Education which has been acquired completely out of Real World Experiences apart from the Bookish Knowledge as we believe some of the experiences couldn’t be expressed through Book. We would try to adapt the Cognitive(Pragmatic) and/or Feedback Driven Learning approaches and try our level best to make both learning and teaching experience fun and effective.


The greatest enemy of Knowledge is not Ignorance, it is the illusion of Knowledge.

Stephen Hawking

I somehow agree with above quote which relates Ignorance and Illusion with Knowledge. Although, I am unsure that I have completely understood the context and message the author wanted to convey here, I am slightly touched within by the quote which intrigued me to explore it further.

Throughout my professional career, which spans around seven and half plus years till date, I had gone enrolled myself to many online courses, could complete few, sometimes even enrolled twice for few but couldn’t go beyond two weeks of it’s syllabus and in a worst case, I even couldn’t started few post enrollment.

I think I ignored the Knowledge I could get from the Course and/or got Illusioned that I had gained Complete knolwedge about the course.

When I tried to decode the reason behind it, I could found two and later includes my long-time Partner in Crime:

1. Lack of Motivation to Complete
2. Over-confidence post Completion

I think we can only guide how one could succeed on the second reason but we can definitely motivate.

And, I believe that the Teaching-Learning should be a Fun Experience for both teacher as well as student.


We understand that there is a Gap exists due to either No or Improper Education.
Our mission is to

Bridge the Gap that exists now and has been created over a period of time.

Though Hard Work is the essential element to Succeed, we believe following are equally responsible.

1. Right Attitude
2. Balanced Discipline
3. Extraordinary Determination
4. Positive Approach


With proper education, one could help self as well as society and ultimately country.
We hope to guide you to

Acquire the appropriate Knowledge which should help you to choose Right Career in Life.

Finally, we always strive to our best to bring an Educational Environment within You, Society & Nation.

And, I would like to say

Welcome to GbrG Academy!