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Are you an Aspiring College Kid ?

You fall into this category, if you are studying in a College, University or an Educational Institute and aspire the goal of working in a reputed Company.

To achieve your goal, you intend to Study hard and do Hard Work so that you could gain enough Knowledge which will help you to grow personally as well as the organization you will be in.

Front End
We Understand that Your Biggest Concern is to get placed in a Good Company.

Few Pro Tips from Us

  • Get Technical Basics Clear
  • Have Concise Resume
  • Write What You Are Best At
  • Be Honest
  • Be Confident
  • Make Rejection as Step to Success
  • Make a habbit Of
    • Listen
    • Analyze
    • Act & Practice
    • Repeat Above

Preparation Checklist

An Aptitude test is used to determine a candidate's ability/potential to succeed in a certain task, with no prior knowledge or training. These tests are frequently used as part of a pre-employment assessment.

You should also know that Employer use aptitude tests to help themself making the right hiring decision.

The best thing about aptitude test is that they are also a great way of improving your thought processing and memory skills.

Programming Skills

Appropriate Programming Skills are required so that you could help in the growth of Organization and feel proud doing so.
You must get your technical basics clear as it will help you to understand the technical aspect of Organization's projects.

Academic Project

You should try to do all of your academics project honestly with little help from here and there. These projects are just a preparation to get fimilar with "How a technical project works?" and Employers mostly ask during interview to know your contributions toward these projects.

Hence, if you do these projects yourself, you could explain your contributions well to anyone.

To excel in your career you should possess good Soft Skills like Communication skills, People skills etc. Employer check such skills to see if You could be able to fit in their Organization or not or whether You could prove to be a good team player or not.

And, the best way to improve these soft skills is to inculcate & practice among your friends and family.

Internship Opportunity

Show your work either through some online platform like GitHub or Send your Project Porfolio to our email (Check Contact). The Project Porfolio should contain at least following:
  • Profile Title & Description
  • Project Content Link
  • Other Details you like to mention
On being shortlisted, you will be enrolled into Online Internship & Training Program for a duration of One Month.

  • Enrolled into Program
  • Brief of the Program
  • Brief of Training Approach
  • Project Tasks Alloted
  • Online Meet Once Weekly
  • Feedback After 2nd Week
  • Final Review After 4th Week
On being selected from Stage 2, you will be provided Internship of duration from 3 to 6 Months and will get chance to work on Company as well as Client Projects based on the technical skills you gain during the Internship.

The Stipend for the Internship is completely based on the Candidate's performance and it can be in the form of some fixed Salary or in other forms like Travel Expenses or Internet Recharges.

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